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Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I know many of you know, but to those who dont, several months ago my dearest aunt/godmother was brutally murdered in Puerto Rico. Her story is at the bottom of the blog. So today they sentenced the guy to 99 years in jail. My question, do I feel happy? is that fair? I dont know. But it was just found out that he has Aids so he wont be living very long. My mother says she can forgive him and God can forgive him, but that wont bring her back! I know thats true but I have mixed feelings cause Im still dealing with this nightmare. What do you think???

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lalindalinn said...

I've tried Twice to comment on your Blog, not sure why it didn't go thru, but I did, however, want to respond. So, here I am...again!
First of all, I am So Very Sorry for what you and your family have endured. I cannot even begin to imagine the enormity of your pain. My heart aches for you. I do, however, know what it is to lose someone I love, someone close, without warning. It hurts your heart so deeply, that you find it difficult to breathe. Somehow, we find our breath.
Forgiveness does Not mean you Condone, nor does it mean you are Settled with it in your own heart. Forgiveness Does put Peace in your Heart ~ Peace that helps you as you move thru the grieving. Holding on to the Hatred and Anger of the Act itself is what is keeping you in the Nightmare of it all. Don't allow the Monster who created this nightmare keep you there. You must move passed that. God may have forgiven him, but HE has seen to it that he will die a slow, painful death, riddled with AIDS, and before his trip to HELL.
Now, with Clear Thoughts, Think of your Beautiful Aunt, allow yourself to Fill your Mind, Heart and Soul with Wonderful Memories of her. Keep those thoughts. Think of them Often. Soon you will start to notice the Sun shining just a little bit brighter and realize that it is your Aunt that is reaching out to you, hoping to put a smile back on your heart...for her ♥
I know, in your Every Day, you have your Loving Family ~ Hold them Close ~ For Within Them...You will find your Strength ♥
If You EVER want to talk....I'm here
Love You
Cousin Carol ♥